Aether Current Compass

Aether Current Compass. Account security and recent scams. If it is lost, a replacement can be obtained from gibrillont in the forgotten knight in foundation or from gaufrid in rhalgar's reach in.

Flight In Eorzea Windy Weather
Flight In Eorzea Windy Weather from

Getting an aether compass in final fantasy xiv: Known bugs in the latest stable version can be reported on the official issue tracker , but they should not be reported here on the wiki. Because of how often you'll use the compass, which acts as a way to triangulate the currents, we suggest placing it on your hotbar.

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After unlocking the ability to pilot flying mounts in final fantasy xiv:

The aether ii version history. Account security and recent scams. Aether currents are required to unlock the ability to fly on mounts. The quality of a compass will make a difference in its accuracy.

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